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The name Ogma Dagda comes from two key figures in Irish Mythology. Ogma is credited as inventing Ogham, the 1st alphabet to originate in Ireland between the 1st and 4th century, To me, this represents creativity, the spark of creation and gives birth to a new way of communicating ideas. The Dagda is a God in Irish mythology, he is portrayed as a father figure that represents strength thus giving way to creative power.




2018: Solo exhibition and live painting event, Arcadien Fields music and arts festival, Ireland.

2018, Solo exhibition plus live painting event. Phase one music and arts festival, The dock

Gallery, Ireland

2017: Solo exhibition and presentation of my method. The Market House Gallery, Ireland.

2017: Live painting event , Phase one music and arts festival, The Dock Gallery, Ireland

2017: Live Painting Event. Vantastival music Festival, Ireland

2017: Solo exhibition, Scream pop up gallery, Camden Lock, London

2017: Solo exhibition, Cable Street Studios, Jamboree, London

2016: Boca Raton Art Fair, Research Park, Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.A

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